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30th Jan 2018

This Canadian Girl Loved Coppers So Much That She Got A Tattoo Of Its Coordinates

James Fenton

Hands up if you’ve ever had a great night out in Coppers?

*Literally half of Ireland puts hands up*

Hands up if you ever had such a great night in Coppers that you ended up getting a tattoo of the place?

*One Canadian girl raises hand meekly*

That’s right, a recent visitor to our fair city had such a memorable night out at the Harcourt Street haunt that she got the coordinates of the place imprinted on her body for all eternity. 

The evidence was posted on the Copper Face Jacks Facebook page earlier today:

Screen Shot 2018 01 30 At 14 58 39

Having stuck the magic numbers into Google, we can confirm the the coordinates are legit. We wonder what made her night on the tiles so memorable? Bouncing around to B*Witched or having a sloppy shift in the smoking area?

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