This Comedy Brunch Is Happening In Dublin On Saturday And We're Already Laughin'

"Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Brunch."

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Lookin' for a laugh?

Look no further. 

Comedy + brunch = match made in heaven. 

And it's all going down this Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 of February in the banquet hall of the Smock Alley Theatre as part of Dublin's Scene + Heard Festival.

Comedian Hannah Mamalis will be headlining and presenting the brunch, and she'll be joined by a different comedian guest on each day. 

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And for fooooood?!

Choose from sweetcorn fritters, spicy sweet potatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs with smoked ketchup OR sweet ricotta and banana pancakes with berry compote and toasted hazelnuts.

Just try not to laugh with your mouth full, you animal. 

Tickets to this are only 20 bean which is really decent for LOLs and bruuuunch. 

The event will return again on Saturday, March 4. 

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