This Dublin Bar Is Now Serving Our Dream Dessert – Kinder Bueno Spring Rolls

With MARSHMALLOW dipping sauce!!!

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Kinder Bueno ANYTHING and I'm there. 

Among my favourite hazelnut-based delicacies in Dublin are Gino's Kinder Beuno gelato and Rocket's Kinder Bueno milkshakes – both hunreal. 

But one of Dublin's best bars has raised the Kinder-bar and taken it to a whole other level. 

With this insane desert to end all desserts. 

P. Mac's are now serving Kinder Bueno spring rolls with a melted ice cream marshmallow dip, and for just €7! 

I'm salivating. 

Kinder Bueno bars wrapped in a thin filo pastry and fried? The dream.

Thanks to the wonderful Elva Carri for sending this to us – we appreciate your taste in desserts. 

Check out this pic of the insanely innovative masterpiece by P. Mac's very own head chef: 

A photo posted by ShaneG (@chucknife_) on

A revolution in dessert-making. 

Header image: Shane / @chuckknife_

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