This Dublin Photo Was Taken In 1997. Can You Guess What Massive Building Stands Here Now?

"I remember when all this was just fields..."


In the spirit of Back to the Future Day, let's take a look into Dublin's past...

This photo was taken in a Dublin suburb less than two decades ago in 1997, showing nothing but fields and a small supermarket in the background. And yet, you'd hardly know to look at it today that this is the site of one of the largest developments in the city's history.

The photo was shared on Twitter by Jerome Morrow back in January, and it's one that routinely comes back to capture our attention – so we thought we'd share it with you to see if you could guess its location.

Scroll down to find out...


The centre opened in March 2005, just eight years after this photo was taken – and it's almost impossible to imagine the area consisting of fields all these years later.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan