This Farmer Is Studying In Dublin For A Year – Here's Why He's Going To Live In A Camper Van

"Sick of the search, the high rents and the commutes, I've bought a small camper to see me through the year..."

Camper Van

It's no secret that finding somewhere to live in Dublin at the moment is extremely difficult, with much of the accommodation that is available often being poor quality – and this lad has had enough of it.

A farmer named Damien has posted this ad on Gumtree asking for some help. Fed up with the arduous task of trying to find a decent home in Dublin ahead of spending the year studying in Trinity, the student has deemed it preferable to live in a camper van.

Here's what he had to say in his ad.


I'm Damien. I'm a farmer with a history degree heading to Trinity to study something more practical. Sick of the search, the high rents and the commutes, I've bought a small camper to see me through the year. Now I need somewhere to park it. Please, if you have a space you're not using, or a garage and no car, consider renting me the spot. I'm study mad so I'm not going to bring any hassle, and I'll be heading back to the farm and my spaniels come the weekend. I won't be intrusive.

I can garden, do DIY, fix mechanical things and I love to bake. Not really relevant, but throwing them out there in case they sweeten the deal. 

Please message me if you have an offer,
Best wishes,

What does it say about the current housing situation that Damien feels the need to go to such extremes? If you'd like to contact him, you can view his ad here.


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