This Gas Show Rips The Absolute Piss Out Of The Rose Of Tralee

And you can catch it at Smock Alley


The gas show Oh! What A Lovely Rose! rips the absolute piss out of the Rose of Tralee and you can catch it at Smock Alley.

The story follows a girl who had a dream to the Rose of Tralee, then grew up and realised how embarrassing it was...

The 45 minute theatre/comedy hybrid shines a spotlight on our national lovely girl competition and examines how young women are viewed in modern Ireland.

However, don't let this make you think that the show is an overly serious social commentary, rather it just pokes fun at what is essentially a bizarre and outdated Irish tradition.


Oh! What A Lovely Rose! runs from September 16 until 19 at Smock Alley, tickets go from €11 and you can find them here.

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