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08th Feb 2021

This incredible new chicken spot has just opened up

Alan Fisher

This incredible new chicken spot just opened up.

We all lovesome fried chicken so we will always welcome a new spot opening.

Say hello to Joe’s Chicken:

Yes, Joe’s Chicken just opened up in Bray and you must try it.

It’s based in that amazing little building behind the Dart station which already has Catalyst, Fika, Box Burger and Platform Pizza.

What a collection!

Now, Joe’s Chicken has opened up for takeaway service in the same spot.

I think it’s pretty obvious what type of food we’re looking at here but, the question is, is it nice?

First, let me tell you what I got.

I tried out the popcorn chicken, the loaded tater tots, the tender dog and the 5 piece hot chicken.

It was a helluva lot of food but it was all in the name of research for you guys and the result?

Delicious, tender, crispy chicken!

Tender Dog was probably my favourite but the tater tots were something else.

You’ll like this, all their chicken is free range and sourced from Rings Farm in Kilkenny.

Lovely touch of class.

They also do a range of cocktails and shakes that I’m dying to try.

All round thumbs up from me, though.