This Irish Designer Has Just Come Up With The PERFECT Rugby World Cup Drinking Game

Everything about this makes us excited


This just couldn't be any better.

Shane Gavin – the Australia-based Irish graphic designer, who most of you will know from his epic Pixelheads portrait series – has just designed a Rugby World Cup drinking game so good it's making our head spin a little bit.

Rather than your usual drinking game, which just calls for you to neck or sip when a particular event happens, this one is broken down into categories – and involves a simple yet detailed 'escalation process', so the rarer the event, the more you drink.

So when someone takes a shot at goal, or the ref plays advantage, it's one sip – but if a commentator swears accidentally, or a team scores an intercept try, it's time to knock back whatever is in front of you.

Confused? Don't be. It's all been beautifully laid out in this graphic here:


Click here for full-sized image.

Obviously we don't want you to ruin your World Cup by being a drunken mess – so if you find yourself watching the ref get knocked down while tending to an unconscious player during a loss of commentary as a streaker races past, do take the rules with a pinch of salt.

Check out Shane's website here, and follow him on Twitter here.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan