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14th Sep 2019

This Is Hands Down The Best Market In Dublin

Alan Fisher

What a gem this market is.

We have plenty of markets around Dublin, but the Blackrock market is open all week, not just on a Sunday.

It is situated in an alleyway right in the middle of the town and for such a small space, there’s loads going on.

They have too many food options mixed with a few other little shops and they even host a movie night on Mondays.

On top of this, it’s not just vendor styled food you would expect from a market, but it ranges from dessert parlors to some of the best fine dining in Dublin.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer:

1) Arctic Stone

There is literally never a bad time for hand-rolled ice cream.

It’s too delicious.

2) Veggie Vibe

Such a cute little veggie spot and perfect for brekkie.

The Mexican bowl is so good.

3) Liath

A bit of fine dining in this exclusive little restaurant.

You barely notice it as you walk through.

4) Shaka Poke

Everyone is digging the poke bowls these days.

5) 3 Leaves

Another bit of fine dining where you can grab some of the best Indian food around.

6) Lebanese Tapas

When you enter the Blackrock market you’ll be hit with a mouth-watering smell and it’s this place.

Grab a falafel wrap and you won’t be disappointed.

This is only a fraction of what they have on offer and there are a few more places opening up shortly.

They also have an Asian Market where I regularly get some fresh Jack fruit on a Tuesday.