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14th Mar 2017

This Is How Dublin’s Quality Of Living Compares To Everywhere Else In The World

Alana Laverty

Ever wondered how Dublin compares to other cities in the world in terms of quality of living?

Well, Mercer’s authoritative survey has determined exactly that. 

The survey is conducted annually to enable multinational companies and other organisations to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments.

Factors included in the survey:

  • Ease of travel and communication
  • Sanitation standards
  • Personal safety
  • Access to public services
  • Economic instability
  • Social unrest  
  • Access to electricity and drinkable water

The 19th Mercer Quality of Living Survey demonstrates that Dublin remains an attractive location for international businesses to send their employees.  Dublin is the highest ranked city across the UK and Ireland while also comparing very favourably to a host of other European capital cities.

Dublin enjoys high standards of quality of living and remains an attractive location for business.  Some of the factors placing Dublin in the top 50 for quality of living worldwide include an excellent choice of consumer goods, lower levels of air pollution, stable political and strong socio-cultural environment.”

Noel O’Connor; Consultant at Mercer Ireland

And the good news?

Dublin ranks in 34th place!

Ahead of Paris (38th), London (40th), Edinburgh (53rd), Rome (57th) and Belfast (66th). 

Vienna occupies first place for overall quality of living for the eight year running (we should all move there). 

Zurich is in second place, with Munich (4), Dusseldorf (6), Frankfurt (7), Geneva (8), Copenhagen (9), and Basel, a newcomer to the list, in 10th place. The only non-European cities in the top ten are Auckland (3) and Vancouver (5).

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