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This Is How Many Days Of Our Lives We Waste In Dublin Traffic Every Year

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If you’ve ever felt as though you are literally wasting your entire precious life sitting in Dublin traffic jams, it turns out you’re correct.

A new report by TomTom traffic index shows that Dublin drivers waste a staggering EIGHT days of their lives each year in traffic congestion.

That’s a grand total of 192 hours a year – the equivalent of 50 minutes each day – stuck in traffic.

Yep, sounds about right to us.

In comparison to London, Dublin wastes an extra two days a year and is on a similar scale to the heavy traffic in Belfast.

A delay hotspot feature used in the index found Dublin’s busiest roads were Ormond Quay Upper and Lower, with worries that congestion here will get even worse for private vehicles as an extra bus lane is to be introduced – limiting private cars to just one lane.

Traffic congestion increased by 3% in the capital last year, with 2016 seeing Cork drivers waste six days a year in traffic, and Limerick drivers delayed for four.


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