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18th Feb 2018

This Is Still The Best Sunday Brunch In The Whole Of Dublin


I used to live about 50m from the front door of Dillinger’s in Ranelagh and it was getting to the stage where I needed to take out a mortgage to keep eating there such were the frequency of my visits. 

Like everything in life, though, familiarity breeds contempt. 

It has taken a move to the countryside and not visiting Dillinger’s in over two years to jolt the senses and be reminded what a wonderful restaurant it is and how it is quite simply the best place in the city for brunch. 

A random trip across town culminated in an enormous Saturday morning Huevos Rancheros sitting at the bar with the tunes pumping, the orange juice wonderfully fresh and the coffee black and strong.

Screen Shot 2017 03 26 At 09 20 58

It isn’t the food or one single facet that makes Dillinger’s the best spot in town for brunch.

It’s a combination of the relaxed staff, the huge menu with something for everybody including the hungover or healthy eaters and beautiful cocktails and non-alco drinks to wash everything down with. 

Screen Shot 2017 03 26 At 09 21 13

Everywhere you look when you arrive here you see big happy faces piling into huge portions of comfort food. Food that is unapologetically big, tasty and probably not very good for you — but who cares, because it is the weekend and you’ve earned it. 

Screen Shot 2017 03 26 At 09 20 12
Screen Shot 2017 03 26 At 09 19 32

There should be a Dillinger’s in every post code in Dublin. It really is that good.  

When it comes to food, a picture can tell a thousand words and you can see from the ones in this article alone without reading a single word that what I am saying is legit.

Screen Shot 2017 03 26 At 09 19 12
Screen Shot 2017 03 26 At 09 19 03

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