This Is The Best Dessert We've Tried In Dublin

Two words: kinder bueno.

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Kinder Bueno ANYTHING and I'm there. 

Among my favourite hazelnut-based delicacies in Dublin are Gino's Kinder Beuno gelato and Rocket's Kinder Bueno milkshakes – both hunreal. 

But one of Dublin's best bars has raised the Kinder-bar and taken it to a whole other level. 

With this insane desert to end all desserts. 

P. Mac's are now serving Kinder Bueno spring rolls with a melted ice cream marshmallow dip, and for just €7! 

I'm salivating. 

Kinder Bueno bars wrapped in a thin filo pastry and fried? The dream.

We tried them ourselves and can confirm that that crunchy, fried goodness of the spring roll is complimented spectacularly by the cool icecream marshmallow dip. 

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Thanks to the wonderful Elva Carri for sending this to us – we appreciate your taste in desserts. 

Check out this pic of the insanely innovative masterpiece by P. Mac's very own head chef: 

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A revolution in dessert-making. 

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