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This Is The One Beauty Treatment Worth Investing In

By Alana Laverty

May 18, 2017 at 8:17pm


When something is right, it just feels so right. 

Whether you've finally landed a job you love, found that perfect fit of jeans that make your arse look like Jen Selter's or a face cream that gives you skin as soft as a baby's bottom. 

When you search for something for so long and finally find The One - it's a total eureka moment and just feels... right

You probably think I'm totally mad. It's just hair removal, after all?

But after spending years messing around with hair removal creams, struggling with razors and shrieking while getting a wax - I'd pretty much just given up on hair removal in general.  

Until, one day, I found The One. 


My initial thoughts?

Expensive. Painful. What the f*ck is it? Does it even work?

My thoughts now that I'm a hairless, laser queen?

I will never go back. 

Some things you should know: 

1. Laser doesn't work for everyone

There are a lot of factors to take into account - like your skin colour, hair colour and density, underlying medical conditions and more. 

This is why you should always go for a consultation and patch test before dropping cash on a bunch of sessions. 

Laser will work best on people with brown or black hair as it full of melanin and so absorption will be rapid and very effective. 

It, unfortunately, does not work on people with naturally red, blonde or grey hair as there is no pigment present so the laser has nothing to target. 

The thicker the hair, the easier it is to treat as there is a bulk source of pigment present. Finer hairs will respond although, may be slower, and may need higher energy settings in order for the laser to target them and pick them up. 

2. There are different types of lasers

All of which offer different results. 

The two we mention today are the 'Cynosure Elite Medical Grade 4' and the 'Polaris n.d.Yag' laser which two of us have tried and tested separately. 

3. There is no set amount of laser sessions 

Despite popular belief, there is no set amount of sessions that will leave you hair-free for the rest of your life - one person may require just six sessions 'til they're hairless for life while another person may need to get top-ups every few months forever. 

Again, there many different factors that influence this - all of our bodies are different and complex. 

4. Time intervals between treatments differ for everyone

Again -  every person is different. 

One person's hair may grow back fully within six weeks and will be ready for their next session, while another may need a bit longer to grow in and be ready. 

Generally, though, you first few sessions will be spaced out with osix-week intervals and you'll then build it up to 10, 12, 14 week intervals and so on. 

5. It can hurt

But nothing compared to waxing. 

Like at all

My first few sessions I could barely feel a thing, however, we've gradually increased the laser intensity and it's now like a hot pinch - gone in seconds and totally pain-free thereafter. 

6. It will change your life

And give you genuine confidence like you've never felt before. 

If hair removal ain't your thing - totally cool, to each their own. 

But, if like myself and Kate, you've been attempting to remove your body hair since puberty - this treatment can honestly only improve your life in leaps and bounds. 

Imagine not having to allocate time to shaving in the shower before an event or having to book in a wax appointment every few weeks only to be absolutely tortured. 

Imagine life without razor rashes, raw and sensitive waxed skin, ingrown hairs, rough/dry skin, itchy stubble and a few emotional tears... 

It's a godsend. Hairless heaven. 

How it works: 

  • Lasers use light and heat to locate pigment and target hair follicles 
  • Energy in the form of heat is sent down the hair shaft 
  • Heat travels down into the base of the hair root disabling the follicle
  • In the 7-10 days after laser, you will notice the tiny hairs falling out - or you may not notice at all 
  • Hair grows in thinner and lighter each time and then you do it all over again 

Before laser:

1. Stop waxing/epilating 4-6 weeks before you intend on getting laser so there's enough hair to treat. 

2. Be free from tan (real or fake) in the treatment area.

3. Lightly exfoliate five days before your first session.

4. Close shave the treatment area bare the night before. 

5. Leave skin bare - no creams/oils/lotions. 

After laser: 


Under any circumstances - leave things be. 

2. No gym/sauna/hot showers - avoid heat like the plague. 

3. Leave your skin breathe - no products/moisturisers. You can use a bitta aloe the following day if needs be. 

4. Wear loose clothes, and cotton if possible. 

Now - where to actually get laser in Dublin?

Well, the lovely Kate Demolder and I have split opinions on this one. 

I'm an Urbana girl through and through while she is deeply in love with Anne McDevitt's salon. 

The one thing we agree on? They're both feckin' unreal when it comes to laser. 


39 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2

Impeccably designed by the Kingston Lafferty Design team, the gorge new Urbana salon on Clarendon street is a total haven with copper detailing, marble and lush green ivy throughout. 

What I love most about Urbana are the professionalism and discretion - they've everything organised down to a tee and I've never been left waiting longer than five minutes to be seen. 

Secondly, the pricing. At Urbana you pay individually per session - never in advance for a bundle of sessions. That way you can get as many or as few as you need. 

If you see laser sessions priced surprisingly low, then something ain't right. I can't emphasise enough just investing in your sessions. If you see a low price somewhere, the odds are that they're using a lower intensity laser and you just won't get the results you desire. They're not as effective, at all. 

And when I say 'invest' - it isn't even that expensive in my opinion. I thought it was going to cost and arm and a leg but it doesn't at all. 

The laser experience itself? Well, I didn't know what to expect really but the laser Urbana uses contains a fan that blows cold air on the skin while the laser is operating meaning you barely anything! I've super sensitive skin so I was pretty anxious about the whole thing but the Urbana gals put my mind at ease and went nice and slow the first time, explaining everything to me as we went along. 

Totally bearable and over in mere minutes.  

This form of hair removal is a total game-changer, and I can't recommend it enough. I can't believe I hadn't tried it sooner!

Everyone should go for a consultation even just to see whether they can avail of it. 

When my hair grows in after laser it's lighter and thinner, and it takes about 6 weeks for anything to even break through the surface which is unreal. No better feeling than being completely hairless, with no stray hairs or stubble. I've had three sessions now and can honestly say that laser is the way to go. 

Now that I've tried it, I will never go back to any other method. Ever. 

More info here.  

Pjrankin Dropinthe Ocean 27

Anne McDevitt 

13 Wicklow St, Dublin 2

I'd heard laser horror stories over the years. 

Ranging from searing pain and scarring to it simply not working - but as an avid hair remover, I was extremely curious about laser hair removal - and ever since starting using it, I will never go back.

I'm convinced that part of the reason I'm so obsessed with it is because of the girls in Anne McDevitt. 

Ever since my patch test, they've been the kindest of souls - talking me through every step of the way and telling me very honestly about every part.

At present, I've had three sessions and just cannot stop raving about it to anyone who'll listen. I am hairless and unstoppable. 

It has given me a major confidence boost, and means I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want. Strapless top? No bother? Dress with no tights? Lash it on. 

No need to allocate time for shaving - I'm already bare! The dream. 

I've been getting it on my underarms (€40), bikini/Hollywood area (€75) and on my full legs (€80).

The laser gets stronger every time you go, so while the first few times is utterly painless, you will feel a tiny pinch a few gos in - but trust me, it's more than manageable.

Also - ask for Jenny! She's the besssssst. 

- Kate Demolder 

More info here

18119434 10154672158521848 3868235031989944701 N

To conclude, all we can say is - bite the bullet and book a consultation. 

You too could find The One. 

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