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27th Aug 2017

This Is The Ultimate Dublin Comfort Food Bucket List

Alana Laverty

We all have those days. 

The days where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and think that everything is absolutely shite.

A lot of us will lean towards comfort eating in times like these – and rightly so. 

There’s nothing a good comfort meal can’t cure. 

Here are our top ten comfort meals in Dublin right now. 

1. Fry up – Gerry’s 

Tucked away on Montague Lane, you’ll find Dublin’s best feed. 

It’s an institution – of the best kind. 

Whether you want a full carvery dinner or the biggest fry-up of your life – Gerry’s has it all. 

Go on an empty stomach – trust us. 

2. Ramen – The Ramen Bar, South William Street

Slurping up a bowl of ramen when you’re feeling down is the ultimate pick-me-up. 

It’s like a hug in a bowl. 

The Ramen Bar has seriously upped its game in the last year with an extensive menu and tasty complimentary appetisers to brighten up your day. 

3. Toastie – Grogan’s, South William Street 

A toastie and a pint of Guinness can cure any bad day. 

We promise. 

4. Burger – Bunsen

If I’m having a bad day, all I want is a Bunsen. 

In fact, even if I’m having a good day, I want a Bunsen. 

There’s something about having that squidgy package of heaven planted down in front of you that just get the endorphins pumping. 

Happiness is Bunsen. 

5. Lobster roll – Klaw, Temple Bar 

Salty, buttery brioche roll topped with silky lobster and the best pickles in Dublin. 

Klaw’s rolls are the ultimate comfort food. 

They also have a killer prawn roll and a new crab roll – all divine. 

Img 0691
Img 0694

6. Chips – Leo Burdock

Inhaling a chipper can brighten any dark day. 

Potatoes are the comfort food of our ancestors going back a few hundred years – and we love ’em as much today as they did back then. 

Make sure to ask for the crispy bits. 

7. Soy garlic chicken – Crackbird, Dame Street 

You gotta look after yourself when you’re feeling down – and chicken is a great way of doing just that. 

Lob some burnt lemon and whipped feta on the side and Bob’s your uncle. 

8. Burrito – Boojum

Sink into the burrito of your dreams and watch all of your worries fade away. 

Extra guac, please. 

9. Truffle ravioli – Rosa Madre, Temple Bar 

Who says money can’t buy happiness?

This dish is priced at a startling €17 but the Ravioli al Tartufo filled with ricotta and black truffle in butter and sage sauce changes lives. 

Screen Shot 2016 08 11 At 22 33 56

10. A massive subway

You’re feeling shite so you deserve to eat whatever the f*ck you want. 

Whether that be a €17 salad or a footlong Subway filled with everything you could ever want. 

Hearty Italian with steak and cheese and extra pickles, please. 

Shutterstock 282302687

Don’t worry, be happy.

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