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20th Jun 2017

This Is The Ultimate Dublin Summer Bucket List For 2017

Alana Laverty

There are certain things one MUST do in Dublin during the summer. 

Nothing worse than the summer flying by and having nothing to show for it come September. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this list just for you. 

If, by the end of summer, you haven’t ticket off everything on this list – we shall disown you. 

So go on, dive headfirst into the magical metropolis that is Dublin in the summer, and tick off absolutely everything on this list.

We dare ya… 

1. Kayak the Liffey 

Get stuck into the city right at the heart of it with some river kayaking. A perspective you rarely ever see – just try not to fall in!

€15 per person – can be booked right here . 

2. Visit the Botanic Gardens

No better time of the year to visit the sweeping gardens and glasshouses than during summertime. 

Prepare yourself for flowing streams, green grass, blue skies and breathtaking flowers. 

3. Smoothie bowl @ Kale + Coco 

Beyond worth the hype, Kale + Coco have perfected icy, healthy smoothie bowls. 

Pay ’em a visit at Cocu, Hatch Street this summer. 

4. Swim @ Vico Road 

Keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss it. 

A must-visit this summer. 

5. Iced tea / coffee from The Fat Fox 

The guys have managed to perfect iced coffee in ways we never knew possible. 

Their iced green tea with rose water is also a winner. 

6. Howth Cliff walk

It just has to be seen to be believed. 

There really is a reason everyone is so obsessed with it – go find out for yourself. 

7. Jump off Bullock Harbour 

Even though it’s kinda terrifying.

They say you should do something that scares you every single day. 

8. Brunch @ Pot Bellied Pig, Rathmines 

Couldn’t be more obsessed with this spot. 

And their new, hot pink outdoor terrace is what dreams are made of. 

Promise x

9. Ice cream from Teddy’s, Dún Laoghaire

This isn’t even optional. 

And, honestly, if you haven’t had one yet this summer, we’re kinda disappointed in you 🙁 

10. Cans at The Barge 

It’s not summer ’til you’ve cracked open a frosty one at The Barge. 

But remember to clean up after yourself g’man. 

11. Dine al fresco @ Coppinger Row 

Perch yo’self here and watch as the world goes by. 

12. Paddleboarding, Dalkey 

Nothing like standing on water to make you feel invincible. 

Unless you’ve got shite balance, that is. 

Try something new this summer – you never know, paddleboarding could be your calling in life. 

13. Picnic in Pheonix Park 

Sure it wouldn’t be summer without a trip to Phoenix Park to visit the deer. 

Pack a picnic or pick one up from The Phoenix Cafe. 

14. Cycle / walk The Royal Canal 

One of the most treasured strolls/cycles in the county – perfect for a summer’s day. 

15. A glass of prosecco on the roof @ Sophie’s

Pop a bottle of €30 prosecco and say cheers!

The summer vibes are ninety up on the roof of Sophie’s. 

Just think of the Instagrams. 

16. Inhale a Beshoff’s 

Well, not literally. But really, who are we to judge?

17. Pick up a six pack at The Pav

Just try to avoid the queues…

18. Stroll the Bray to Greystones walk

Or run it, if you’re mental.

19. Successfully survive the summer without being eaten by seagulls

Let’s be real, it’s touch and bloody go.

Evil f*ckers. 

20. Shout back at the Viking Splash

Someone has to.

21. Hitch a ride on Dublin Bay Cruises

And literally, em, cruise, in style (sorry!).

They usually play bangin’ tunes the whole journey. 

AND there’s a bar. 

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Go forth and live your best life. 

Have we left anything major off the list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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