This Is What €1300 Gets You On The Dublin Property Market Right Now


When we shared a property that is on the market for 800 Euros per month earlier in the week people were in shock at just how poor it was. We presumed it was just students and people renting on a low budget for the first time that were getting screwed. Thats when somebody sent us a link to this place that is going for 1300 per month. We love how you'd hardly have room to raise your head in either of the beds or how the sink is conveniently placed right between where you both sleep. Perhaps more shocking is that the landlord first placed this on the market at 1650 Euros thinking he would get it but has had to bring the price down over the last month. They don't go over the top in bothering to describe it all that well either…

2no twin bedroom.flat nice area near to transport system.overlooking park.quiet house.for non smokers only,.refrences required .

What is the world coming to when this is all you get for 1300 Euros? Check out the full listing here for the laugh


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