This Is What Happened 99 Years Ago This Week In Dublin

Stunning restored photos show the true damage and struggle in the city in 1916


We love getting excited about the future of Dublin, focusing on the new version of the city that's been emerging in the wake of the post-Celtic Tiger bust. But sometimes to look forward, you need to look back... and this is an important week in the calendar for this city.

Next year will mark 100 years since the 1916 Rising, and all sorts of fanfare is already being put in place. This year, however, thanks to this superb video with restored images from UCD – and a cracking script written and narrated by Dr Conor Mulvagh – we can better understand some of the huge loss and damage the city suffered back then.

It's easy to forget that the places we stroll around today were the very places where people died for our freedom, 99 years ago this week – and projects like this are what bring it all together, and connect the past with the present.

An enthralling four-minute piece that should be watched by anyone living in this city, or indeed this country.