This Is Where You'll Now Get UNLIMITED Cups of Coffee For Brunch

And they're damn fine, too


Super Miss Sue is now giving its customers unlimited cups of their sweet, sweet coffee with their brunch.

Their coffee is €3 a cup and brunch is served until 4pm.

If you need more encouragement to visit to Super Miss Sue, you should know that we called it the best restaurant in Dublin just a year ago and that its bacon sambo with chips and homemade ketchup is phenomenal, with their the homemade sauce also making it to the top of our list of best sauces and dips in Dublin.

The restaurant's brunch menu includes caramelised pink grapefruit, chilled charentais melon soup with prawn ceviche, chilli, and mint, and banana pancakes with butterscotch. Click here for the full menu.

Super Miss Sue can be found at 2 Drury Street. Now go enjoy a damn fine cup of coffee.

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