This Is Where You're Having Brunch Today – BEAR

We've made the hard decision for you


Picking someplace for you and your mates to have brunch is effort.

There's always that niggling feeling that maybe you should have went somewhere else, maybe this was a bad call, and if your friends don't enjoy it then it's all on you. This is perhaps one of the greatest First World problems of out generation.

But fret not, because we're going to do you a solid by making the choice for you: you're going to BEAR today.

Here's why it's a good shout.


For starters, just look at this picture

BEAR's weekend menu just looks so damn good, and it includes such deliciousness as red flannel hash with steak, beets, potato, two fried eggs and hot sauce on the side, chestnut mushrooms with miso butter on sourdough toast with avocado and rocket, pineapple and cream cheese stuffed french toast with golden syrup, and gammon steak with chipotle pineapple relish. Nom.

You can also customise your meal with extra eggs, bacon, or sausages if you're feeling particularly peckish.

That's far from all though, and you can check out the full menu here.


You can find BEAR at 35 South William Street.

BEAR-main 1

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