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20th Dec 2016

This Is Where You’re Having Brunch Today – La Crêperie Pierre Grise


Picking someplace for you and your mates to have brunch is a bit of a pain.

There’s always that niggling feeling that maybe you should have went somewhere else, maybe this was a bad call, and if your friends don’t enjoy it then it’s all on you.

But fret not, because we’re going to do you a solid by making the choice for you: you’re going to La Crêperie Pierre Grise today.

Here’s why it’s a good shout.


The creperie has only opened in the last few months, and it offers ten different kinds of galettes (or savoury crepes) which are made with farine de sarrasin, the famous black (and gluten free) flour from Brittany, France.

Among the savoury options are Végétarienne, made with tomato, grilled onion, and caramelized mushrooms, Provençale, made with ham, egg, emmental cheese, tomato and caramelised onions, and Savoyarde, made with delicious French smoked ham and white ham, raclette cheese and potato.

Apart from crepes, they also provide Movenpick ice cream with ten different flavours that are all free of artificial colours, flavours and additives. Their sweet crepes with ice cream are topped with different sauces such as their homemade hot chocolate sauce, warm salted caramel butter, and strawberry coulis.

Since cider is the traditional French drink to pair with crepes, the creperie also serves Eric Bordelet Normandie Cidre. You can order by the bolée (traditional French ceramic cups for cider), pitcher or bottle.

Sounds good, right? There’s just one, little, tiny caveat: it’s in Greystones. That might be a trek for you, but trust us when we say it’s worth the adventure. Just have a look at what they’ve got..


If you’d like to try the amazing crepes at La Crêperie Pierre Grise for yourself, you can find them at The Harbour in Greystones near the exit of the Cliff Walk.


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