This Lovely Cafe In Temple Bar Serves No Ordinary Coffee

By Alana Laverty

April 23, 2017 at 2:48pm


I was leggin' it through Temple Bar to Aston Quay to catch a bus on Friday evening, and while I probably passed about five Starbucks' between the office and the quays, it was Cocobrew that caught my eye. 

It looked warm, inviting and coffee-filled – basically, my idea of heaven. 

So I popped in thinking I'd grab an Americano and head straight for the bus. 

But I lingered... because this ain't no ordinary coffee shop. 

These guys are doing something very different. 

What is Cocobrew?

Based on the owner's belief of "you get out what you put in" (to your body), Cocobrew Coffee is every health- and coffee-fanatic's dream. Made with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil and cacao butter, it's creamy, smooth and, oh, so addictive. . 

MCT oil gives you that prolonged energy hit, sharpens your focus, burns calories and strips you of excess fat while the cacao butter leaves you feeling full until your next meal. 

Yes. This is real. We're not pulling your leg. 

It's quite literally breakfast in a cup. Which is why I'll be going out of my way in the mornings en route to work just to grab some Cocobrew! 

Cocobrew was born in a vintage VW coffee van the summer of 2015. 

They wanted to supply markets, festivals, weddings and events with superb speciality coffee and healthy treats and super foods. 

From there the brand and business grew and boomed. They opened the Cocobrew cafe in Temple Bar in November and it's been an instant hit with both Dublin-based coffee lovers and tourists alike. 

"Our style is simple – we aim to serve the best brews alongside a healthy snack option."

Tony Divito, Cocobrew

Tony Divito, owner of Cocobrew, has an unusual background – in restaurants AND crossfit. 

After leaving the restaurant biz to work as a crossfit coach in Australia, Tony found himself naturally returning to the hospitality sector – but this time with a health conscious twist – through his love for good coffee. 

Australia is famous for its coffee culture, and Tony found himself effortlessly learning all about coffee while obsessing over Sydney's coffee shops. This prompted him to take his first Barista course.. 

"I did my first barista course in Sydney and this is where I began experimenting with different flavour combinations and ingredients to get the most out of my coffee. This is how I developed what is now our speciality coffee 'Cocobrew' made from the finest beans, MCT oil and cacao butter."

Tony Divito, Cocobrew

The Cocobrew crew are working on develop their own food and treats line which promises to be health focused and of high quality.

Have a wedding coming up?

Rent their vintage coffee van and treat your guests to some refreshing and delish espresso martinis. 

You can find Cocobrew coffee shop on Bedford Row just on the edge of Temple Bar. 

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