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19th Jul 2017

This ‘Magical’ South Dublin Home On Airbnb Is Causing Quite A Stir Online


We love snooping around lavish gaffs. 

In fact, one of our favourite past-times is perusing through and looking at palaces we’ll never be able to afford. But while that’s all fun and games of a slightly tormenting variety, we never thought we’d someday be playing the same sort of game with Airbnb.

But here we are.

This Dublin gaff is causing quite a stir online as of late with its meticulously decorated rooms and rather sizeable price-tag. 

Behold, Embassy House 


Located in Ballsbridge – Embassy House it quite a sight. 

And while it is somewhat desperately beautiful – we can’t help but think that a price tag of €850 would ward anyone off. 

What do you guys think?

Is it fair enough to charge that price for this mansion, or is Airbnb supposed to be a cheaper alternative to hotels and has since changed its ways?

Check out the full listing right here

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