This New App Gives Gluten Free Diners A Serious Discount In Dublin Restaurants

40% off Milano, 25% off at Camile Thai and 50% off at BANG Restaurant? G'wannnnn.

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Eating out can be tough when you're trying to avoid gluten, and sometimes extra costs start adding up when you request the gluten free alternatives on menus...

Enter Dealiac, a Dublin startup created by a frustrated coeliac. It's an app for those on a gluten free diet where they can find restaurants, read/write reviews and get exclusive discounts. Dealiac work directly with the restaurateurs in the listings to ensure their reviews and ratings are kept to a high standard. They consistently review them and remove any under-performing restaurants, so that the coeliacs of Dublin, and Ireland are in the know. 

That's all well and good. But what's the biggest pull for people to use the app? FREE FOOD. 

Ok, well not free but highly discounted food... The majority of restaurants on the app offer discounts off food bills including 40% off Milano, 25% off at Camile Thai and 50% off at BANG Restaurant to app users. Alternatively, you can carry a Dealiac card to avail of these offers.

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The app will be launching over the coming weeks, so keep an eye on their Facebook page to be in the know. Otherwise, you can order a Dealiac card on their website

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