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20th Dec 2016

This New App Links You Up With People You Fancy In The Same Bars And Clubs As You


So first we were all crazy about Tinder, then Happn happened and now we have Whatifi

Whatifi calls itself ‘The Ultimate Social Connection App’, through which you can meet new people that attended the same venues and events as you – in cafés, bars and clubs, as well as at gigs and festivals.

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Whatifi works by remembering all the places you visit and updating the user’s private social timeline the next day. Users can then review the places they visited the night and then they can see all the other users that attended that venue at the same time allowing you to send an introduction and begin a conversation.

So basically, if you were at a gig in the Olympia last night and fancied the hole of someone, you can pop on, see if they have the app, and if so indicate you like them, then just wait for fate to bring you together.

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Creepy? A little.

Super handy if you got chatting to someone hot at the bar but then got dragged away by your mates? Definitely.

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I think it’s about time we all stopped thinking ‘What if I had stopped to chat to that person?’ and download Whatifi from the App or Play now. Sure you never know!

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