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14th Aug 2017

This New Underground Bar On Dame Street Has Amazing Selection Of Beers

James Fenton

Dublin’s newest and slickest establishment, Underdog is now open on Dame Street. 

We went down to have a look. 

Winding your way through the omnipresent hustle and bustle on Dame Street, it’s hard to find a speakeasy in which to escape the crowds and enjoy a selection of fine beers, wines and spirits. 

Underdog looks set to provide Dubliners and visitors alike with just that. Located downstairs from the long-established Brogans Bar next to the Olympia Theatre, the hideaway is perfectly located right in the heart of the city. 

Owner Patrick Delahunty, one of the people behind the Galway Brewery bars, stressed to us that Underdog doesn’t fall into the category of Galway Brewery. Rather, it stands on its own to feet with the aim of providing the public with something different to the norm. 

Namely, he wants drinking to be about choice and doesn’t want feel the need to force feed his customers. With over 19 beers on draft and between 60 to 90 cans and bottles on any given night, visitors certainly aren’t short of options. 

With an ever-changing taplist, how are regulars supposed to know what beers will be on offer before heading in? Conveniently, they can keep up to date by visiting where Underdog regularly update their draft menu for the benefit of beer connoisseurs around the city along with each beer’s price and volume. 

Every week there is a special ‘beer of the week’ deal and Patrick tells us that the aim is to celebrate the selected drink’s taste rather than “just get rid of it” which can be a motivating factor for other establishments offering similar deals. 

“We want to sell all the beer. We don’t want to be forcing different kinds of beers on anyone. The beer of the week should be about what we think is a great taste and what we think our customers will enjoy.”

Screen Shot 2017 08 11 At 15 28 58

As well as its vast beer selection, Underdog also boast a wide range of delicious gins, as indicated by the menu below.

Screen Shot 2017 08 11 At 14 20 17

Having only opened its doors to the public five weeks ago, food isn’t being served as of yet but Patrick says that plans are in place to serve a full menu in due course from 12pm every day. 

Screen Shot 2017 08 11 At 15 38 09

This is part of plans to expand the overall opening hours of the venue which are currently listed as 5pm Monday to Friday and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

When all the dust settles, Patrick plans to open up at the bright and early time of 12pm every day so hungry and thirsty patrons won’t have to wait long to get their Underdog fix.  

Screen Shot 2017 08 11 At 15 39 38

The Underdog team are “beer enthusiasts”, according to Patrick and the vast array of tastes and flavours at the venue certainly goes a long way to proving that.

With the weather forecast in the city not expected to be the best this weekend, why not call down and give it a shot?

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