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This New Dish In Dublin Is What You’re Having For Brunch Tomorrow

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Do you ever think about all the eating you’re going to do at the weekend and feel… slightly underwhelmed?

We can only eat so many chicken wings and burgers. 

So this weekend we’re switching it up and going… healthy?!

CoCu on Chatham Street just off Grafton Street have rolled out a new dish on their weekend brunch menu. And it’s honestly just bloody fantastic. 

Behold, the Poke Bowl: 

Img 0700

Wtf is a Poke?!

Pronounced poh-kay, poke (poké) originates from Hawaii where the raw fish salad is traditionally served as an appetiser, but is now a huge takeaway food trend in the likes of L.A., New York and London. 

We mentioned a few weeks ago that it was the one thing that Dublin was missing. 

And just like that, CoCu unveiled this beauty that they’d had in the works for a while. 

Img 0709
Img 0706

CoCu’s bowl consists of:

  • Cubed salmon sashimi marinaded in tamari and rice wine vinegar, tossed with sesame seeds and spring onion 
  • Brown rice base
  • Creamy, ripe avocado
  • Homemade Korean kimchi 
  • Edamame beans
  • Pickled radish slices
  • Crispy seaweed sheets
  • A refreshing sriracha, yoghurt dressing

The salmon is SO tasty and fresh, honestly not what I was expecting at all. 

I would happily eat an entire bowl of this marinaded salmon alone. It was soft, seasoned and flavoured perfectly. 

Img 0721

Poke is perfectly filling and relatively healthy, without leaving you overly full so you can still enjoy a weekend treat or coffee afterwards. 

No brunch comas for you this weekend. 

This dish is very different to anything that’s currently being offered in Dublin and we really look forward to seeing it take off and tasting different variations of it. 

Img 0704

You can enjoy CoCu’s Poke Bowl for €10.95 on Saturdays and Sundays on Chatham Street. 

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