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This New Restaurant Serving Chilli And Chicken Wings Is Coming To Stoneybatter

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You may have missed it, but we recently received a tantalising message about a restaurant called The Chili Shack that’s set to open in Dublin very soon.

It was all very mysterious at the time, but now we’ve learned when and where they’re setting up shop: 3 Prussia Street in Stoneybatter, the former location of BQR Food Market, this March.

The Chili Shack began in Galway and now they’re expanding their operation to Dublin. You can expect a menu that includes build-your-own chilli bowls, chicken wings, a tonne of filthy burgers served with paprika fries, poutine and loaded hot dogs. 

And they look savage.

Could this be a new contender for best chicken wings in town? We’ll have to wait and see…

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