This Pub Is Launching A New Beer With A Very Special Ingredient...

We're up for trying new things, but we'll pass on this one


Craft beer is all well and good, but this one takes the biscuit.

A pub in Wellington, New Zealand is soon to launch a "milked" stout that contains stag semen.

Steve Drummond, the co-owner of The Green Man pub, told that he is confident the beer containing "export quality" deer jism will be a hit among the local hipster community.

We sort of like, looked at the whole craft beer scene and thought what could we do that's a bit outrageous, a bit Green Man.

Steve Drummond

In was inevitable really. But this wasn't the pub's first foray into mixers of an ejaculate nature: in 2011 they served apple-infused horse semen shots, while in 2013 they offered syringes of stag spunk. We detect a fixation.


Pic: The Green Man Pub

The deer beer will be served on handpump to deliver that smooth and creamy texture that you really want from a sperm-based beverage.

There's only one way to serve semen stout and that's handpulling it.

Steve Drummond

No word yet on whether this unusual concoction will make it's way to Irish shores, but the idea's out there now if any pub is feeling adventurous enough to try it. Do you know anyone who would actually drink this?

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