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18th Apr 2021

This scone delivery service will be your new foodie obsession

Lynda Keogh

First things first, let’s get it straight – its scone as in cone, nottttt scone as in gone. There I said it. Sorry not sorry.

If you’re a scone fanatic, we think that this scone delivery service will be your become your best friend. Like honestly on a Saturday morning there is nothing like a cup of coffee and a scone to start the day.

Scones are the treat that you’ve underestimated for years. Until now.

SCÓN has brought my scone dreams to life, and will deliver fresh scones right to your door! And may I just add that their packaging and flavour labelling is very aesthetically pleasing. *adds points to rating*

With over forty flavours to choose from SCÓN have found the perfect Saturday morning treat-niche, and I’m so glad to stumbled across them on one of my many Insta-scrolls. The talented team of ‘flavoured scone specialists‘ offer a large variety of flavour combinations, including both savoury and sweet.

Savoury flavours include; chorizo and cheese, feta and olive, bacon and cheese, tomato and basil.

Some of the sweet flavour combinations are incredible; white chocolate and coconut, peach vanilla and poppy seed, cranberry and orange but for me the starrrrr of the show is the OREO SCONE. Yes, Oreo scone, it’s as delicious as it sounds. A must try!

Each flavour is better than the last, and it’s very hard to choose a favourite!

If you can’t choose between all these incredible flavours, why not order one of their variety boxes so that you can taste a sample of the most popular flavours!

This could be such a nice gift for a socially distant baby-shower, birthday or even send a box to your Mom to tell her you miss her. For me, I sent this to my scone-obsessed friend to just broaden her scone horizons, and it was very much appreciated!

Delivery is available across Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow.

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