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28th Dec 2017

This Studio Apartment For €1050 In Phibsborough Is An Absolute Disgrace

Megan Cassidy

This is an absolute joke. 

Finding a place to live in Dublin has become next to impossible, and a quick scroll through the rentals that are advertised on will have you in a ball of anxiety about the future. 

But this recent posting is beyond appalling. 

A studio apartment in Phibsborough has been advertised on the property site for a hefty €1050 a month, and is described as “clean, quiet, and well maintained”.

It is newly painted and decorated, totally “self contained” and “fully fitted”. 

Apparently, it would suit a single person or a couple. 

What they failed to mention, however, is that the bed is a mattress up against the wall. 

Now, we’ve received countless complaints from readers about pull out beds, but a mattress against the WALL?! This is a new one on us. 

Take a look at some of the images on the site. 


For a price that is the majority of most people’s monthly paycheck, this is completely ridiculous. 

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