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14th Mar 2018

This Viral Tweet About ‘If Friends Was Set In 2018 Dublin’ Is Way Too True


Friends is the one TV show that made every single Irish person in the 90s and 2000s feel SO envious of anyone living in New York. They all had such cool jobs, amazing apartments, a local coffee store to hang out in while the rest of us were still sipping Barrys Tea from our mates kitchen. 

Starbucks? What’s that called when it’s at home?!

So a recent viral tweet by a very funny lad (who told Lovin Dublin he would prefer not to be named in this article) of what Friends would be like if it was set in Dublin in 2018 has us in bits. 

It’s SO TRUE. Here’s what the gang would be up to…

Ross lectures at Trinity

We wonder how he gets across those cobblestones on his rollerblades?…

Joey is on Fair City

And probs getting in free to Lillies every single weekend.

Rachel works in Brown Thomas 

What a glam bitch. We wouldn’t expect any less of our Rachel Green.

Monica is a Chef at Chapter One

And she can’t hack the Irish gluten intolerance. 

Phoebe is an MUA

“DM me for prices hun xox” says every make up artist on Insta ever.

Chandler works for LinkedIn

And no, nobody knows what he does. 

The genius tweet has more than 3.5k likes and over 500 retweets…

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