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26th Aug 2020

This woman’s deconstructed Irish fry served with salad has caused outrage online

Sarah Finnan


‘Lettuce has no place in a jaysus fry.’

If there’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty, it’s that we take fry ups very seriously… and for good reason. As the most important meal of the day, starting your morning off with a proper Irish fry sets the bar for the day, so making sure it’s a good ‘un is crucial. Throw in some soggy toast or burnt sausages and that knocks the whole thing off balance. Add in lettuce and you’ve got a catastrophe on your hands.

Sharing a photo of a breakfast she was served while visiting Dublin, Twitter user Gemma Caddell has started a bit of an online debate as to what constitutes a proper fry. According to her: ‘this is NOT a fry!!!!’… four exclamation points for emphasis.

Several others agreed with her, with one writing:

‘There’s plenty of things not great about this… but anyone that puts salad on the same plate as a fry should be imprisoned wtf psychopath behaviour.’

That to put it lightly.

Some were slightly less harsh in their judgement, admitting that though it is ‘a tad pretentious’ it does have all the elements of a normal fry… save for the greens maybe. Lettuce has no place in a fry.

‘Sausage, bacon, beans, eggs, hash brown, bread (toasted?), and something green on the side which obviously fell off a potted plant by accident by we’ll forgive it …I mean it’s been deconstructed, and it’s a tad pretentious, but, it has all the stuff in a normal fry.’

Disclosing that said breakfast can be found in a place on Talbot Street, it came in at only ten quid which is far more reasonable than onlookers expected. As for why it’s served on a chopping board? Dishwasher must be broken… only explanation I can come up with.

Header image via Twitter/Gemma Caddell

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