Working Remotely? Here's Three Super Spots To Check Out In Dublin

By fiodhna_hm

August 5, 2018 at 3:31pm



It's fair to say a lot more of us are embracing a work-from-anywhere approach these days, and Dublin now offers a good few spots where comfort, sustenance and in some cases creative inspiration come together nicely...

Places where you can get on with work and not feel the need to gather up your stuff as soon as you've drained your cup.

When it comes to choosing where to lay your laptop, here are some of the main priorities:

  • A well-lit space, preferably with natural light through large windows. Bonus if there’s an element of colour.
  • Accessible sockets
  • Good wifi and a password that’s distributed with your order or written on your receipt.
  • Good tea, coffee and grub

With these prerequisites in mind, here are a few of our current favourites...

Third Space

Two locations in Smithfield and on Aungier Street. The concept is great – not the workplace nor the homestead but rather another place; the third space.


They’ve got the basics covered here – a bright, cheerful space with sturdy wooden tables and full-length windows at front, smiley friendly service, (when's the last time someone greeted you with a genuine ‘hello how are you’ in a coffee chain?), a warm yet work-conducive atmosphere and a feeling that you are not on some kind of timer.

They serve breakfast, lunch and snacks and a good selection of herbal and regular teas. Fresh coffee comes from Irish roasters Badger & Dodo. Prices are low - you can easily get lunch for around a fiver. While you’re there make sure you try their gooey chocolate cake served with yoghurt. Brownies are the perfect booster to a creative and happy working day, obvs.


Urbanity is a relatively new addition to Smithfield. Nestled into the mix of cobbled streets and new builds, its bright, uncluttered interior is perfect for working remotely. You’ll find the Wifi password easily because it’s artfully scrolled onto the wall. Sockets are incorporated close to every table and shared space - so power won't be an issue.


They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and sweet things here. All the large plates of salads and treats are all on display along the counter. Their tea is organic loose-leaf tea and comes from Clement & Pekoe. They roast their own beans on site – the roaster makes a cool addition to the café on display at the back. Plug in, power up and pro-caffeinate.

Camden Court Hotel

This is definitely more old school but still hits the mark with its large open lobby area and well-spaced chairs and tables. The lobby area is usually dotted with laptop users rather than holiday-makers. Staff circulate taking orders and the service is swift and unobtrusive. Good wifi and plenty of space.


It’s a reception area so it’s not going to be library-quiet but for those who like to work in a buzzy yet discrete place, this is one to try.

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