Today's Daily Specials: The Woollen Mill's Ploughmans Sambo

Is it lunchtime yet?

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Treat yourself by grabbing some lunch outside the office today - it'll make the day go by quicker! Here are some of the daily lunch specials and rotating menus on offer from around the city.

Get stuck in!

Pick Of The Day:

  • The Woollen Mill's Ploughman Sambo: Coolattin mature cheddar, Pink Lady apple, butterhead lettuce, scallions, chutney, mayo, and pickled cucumbers served with soup - €10.95

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The Woollen Mills

  • Lemon meringue doughnuts - €3.50
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Doughboys Sandwich Shop

  • The Roots Vegetarian Special: Roasted butternut squash with house pickled beets, goats cheese, rocket and lemon mayo - €6.00 with a drink.
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Want your restaurant of café to be featured in tomorrow's specials listings? Emails before 10.30am with name of dishes, prices, and photos!

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