Tommy And Fran Of Love Hate Fame Back In Iconic New Dublin Film

A new film with iconic Dublin locations throughout features two of the best known stars from Love Hate


Actors will typically play plenty of parts throughout their careers, but Peter Coonan and Killian Scott will always be best known for their portrayal of Fran and Tommy in Love/Hate. Obviously looking to cash in on that fame, they've been cast in a new Irish film, Get Up And Go.

Another common trait shared with Love/Hate is the fact that it is shot around Dublin using iconic locations, pubs, clubs and shops that we all know and love. The plot in Get Up And Go develops through one 24 hour period, and shows a contemporary young side to Dublin. It ticks enough boxes for Dubliners to give it a spin when it hits cinemas on May 1st. Take a peek at the trailer, and see some of the gorgeous shots of Dublin for yourself...