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14th Dec 2018

Here’s Why Tomorrow Will Be The Easiest Day To Do All Your Christmas Shopping

James Fenton

If the thought of fighting your way through crowds of Christmas shoppers gives you cold sweats, fret not, as tomorrow is set to be a walk in the park for those buying presents.

That is if you don’t mind getting soaked while doing so. With Ireland set for severe weather conditions tomorrow, retail group Dublin Town expects a 20% drop in the number of shoppers around the streets of the city.

Chief Executive Richard Guiney told The Herald “It’s not great timing to have a downpour and strong wind on the second to last Saturday before Christmas. We will see footfall down by around 20pc due to the weather.We are hoping this picks up on Sunday but we’ll just have to wait and see. Normally we would see up to around 600,000 to 650,000 shoppers in the city on this day, so it’s definitely a shame.”

Before you point out that us highlighting all this will lead to an increase in shoppers and render this whole article pointless all we can say is most people won’t be brave enough to tackle the rain, will they? You’re welcome. Just don’t forget your brolly.

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