Trinity Ball Guide Recalled Due To Story About Rape Of Unconscious Student


The Trinity Ball Guide has been withdrawn from campus and had its online version deleted, following criticism over a story which seemed to detail two male students impersonating paramedics and raping a drunk student placed into their care.

Publishers of the magazine initially apologised for offending readers, but defended the story on the basis that it was "clearly untrue" – however this prompted an angry backlash from Twitter users, who pointed out that the story normalised rape culture regardless of whether or not it was true.

The publishers later made the decision to remove all the article from physical and online circulation, reiterated their apology, and clarified that the publication was not associated with the organisers of the ball.

So far, Trinity Students' Union has not issued any comment beyond retweeting a selection of the above tweets, and reminding students that support is available from welfare officer Iain Mooney and the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre for those affected by the issues contained in the story, which can be seen below.


Written By

Aidan Coughlan