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25th Apr 2017

Trinity College Students Calling To Halt Luas Works Until Exams Finish


The new Luas construction works, curving around the front entrance of Trinity College Dublin, are disrupting the university’s students study routines ahead of exams. 

The campus hosts hundreds of students, scholars, professors and exchange students who live, work and study on the college’s historical grounds. 

According to the Irish Times, students who live on the campus’ impressive Front Square, close to the front entrance of the college, have said the late-night noise coming from the Luas works is deeming it near impossible to sleep, or study for exams.

Student Union President, Kieran McNulty, has noted that the college is moving students to guest rooms or nearby hostels in an attempt to make things easier for those revising. McNulty has also mentioned that he has been on contact with the Luas cross-city project in an attempt to halt late night Luas works during the exam period. 

A spokeswoman for the project has mentioned how difficult the situation has become for them, and that they are actively trying to look for a solution.

“The work has to be done. We are very cognisant, very aware of student’s concerns. We are trying to ensure we minimise the impacts of the works”.

Reports from students living in the Front Square and Botany Bay areas (both of which are immediately affected by the works) have mentioned that the Luas works have taken place right up until 6am in some cases. 

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