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09th Mar 2018

College Students Are Currently Holding A Big Protest At Trinity

Darragh Berry

Trinity News is reporting that a number of students are currently blocking the entrances of the Book of Kells and Front Arch as they protest against the introduction of a €450 flat fee on supplemental exams.

Yesterday, we told you how the Book of Kells was being reviewed negatively on Facebook to highlight the fee increase and today Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) representatives, including Education Officer Alice MacPherson and Disabilities Officer Laura Beston are taking up the protests alongside students.

Reporter, Cian Mac Lochlainn says that the protesters have been chanting “students, united, will never be defeated”, “take back Trinity,” and “no ifs, no buts, no education cuts,” among other slogans.

A press statement from the “Take Back Trinity” protesters states that: 

“For a long time, supplemental exams were the only respite in an otherwise completely unaffordable education. Such a system has benefited the college community, as it has allowed a vast number of students a second chance at their education at no extra cost. ”

“Trinity’s decision to introduce supplemental exam fees is evidence of their continuing disregard for students, their opinions, and their welfare. Just last year, College signed the Student Partnership Agreement, which promises to promote democracy and ensure that students are stakeholders in decisions that College make. Not only does the Board’s decision conflict with this agreement, it is completely contradictory toward promoting accessibility to all in Trinity.”

The protesters have said that they will “continue to protest until our demands are met. We will escalate our protests until our demands are met.”

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