Taoiseach Confirms That Trump Visit Could Still Happen Soon

The biggest on-off situation since Ross and Rachel in 'Friends'.

Donald Trump Ireland

Would someone please just come out and say whether this is happening or not and if it is, give us a date, FFS.

Donald Trump shocked the country when he confirmed that he would be coming to Ireland sometime in November following a trip to France.

Then, the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, said that they were still finalising the visit - meaning it wasn't a done deal at all.

However, the news was only just a fortnight old and people had just come to grips with it when it was confirmed that it was actually cancelled.

Security officials were allowed to breathe a sigh of relief as mass protests had been planned to hold a meeting which would coincide with Trump's visit.

But nowwwww, it seems that the visit from the US President will happen eventually and has been 'postponed' rather than 'cancelled'.

Speaking at the economic conference at the US Embassy in Dublin, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is certain that the trip will happen eventually:

"As you know this week US President Donald Trump has to postpone his proposed trip to Ireland, however whenever it takes place we look forward to the opportunity to renew the deep, historic ties that exist between our two countries.

"We can all agree the future US-Ireland economic relationship is of profound importance to all of us here."

Are ya' coming or going, Donald?

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