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This Van Got Destroyed With Graffiti Behind The Bernard Shaw And The Owners Are Looking For Who Is Responsible

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First and foremost, going out and vandalising somebodies van is terrible and we do not condemn this sort of behaviour.

The van was behind the Bernard Shaw when some local artist decide to destroy the side of it with their tag. Sound mate.

Like anyone, the owner was not happy about it and in response has placed a bounty of €250 for the name of the individual responsible.

But not for the reason you may think.

They do not want the name to press charges but to offer this young artist the task of creating a ‘Handsome’ tag and rebranding the van.

They also mentioned that there may be more work for the individual by spray painting their beer garden.

Seriously, anyone one else would be absolutely livid and taken this entire situation to the Garda.

Fair play to the Handsome Burger guys and their incredible attitude towards this situation.

Have a look at their Instagram post about the situation:

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