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20th Dec 2016

Watch A Live Stream Of The Wings For Life Run


As you may know the Lovin Dublin crew, and some of the members of our community are running the Wings for Life run today! The number of participants for the 2nd Wings for Life World Run has now exceeded 100,000 worldwide, with 2,000 registered to run in Dun Laoghaire and travel along the east coast of Ireland which will be kicking off at 12pm.

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Professional and amateur runners will be running alongside each other in a bid to outpace the moving finishing line in the shape of the Honda Catcher Car, which Simon Zebo will be driving.

International sports personalities and celebrities worldwide have rallied to sign up for the world race in aid of spinal cord injury research. So, if you want to catch some of the action, take a look at the life feed below and see if you spot any familiar faces!

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