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08th Apr 2017

WATCH: Check Out This Ingenious Hack These Dubliners Used To Get Their Food Delivered To The Top Floor


Dublin in the sun is a Dublin like no other. 

Smiling faces, sun-kissed foreheads and cans as far as the eye can see. It brings out the best in us all, with creative juices flowing at an all-time high.

Exhibit A

A crowd of Dubliners decided that after a day of chilling in the sunshine, they wanted to retreat home and tuck in to some grub. They ordered using Deliveroo, and then realised that they were all too lazy to mosey downstairs from their third-storey apartment to pick it up. 

(It happens)

So they decide to do this…


Thrilling stuff, really spectacular. Also good on the driver for going along with it all.

Massive thanks to Steve O’Donnell for sending this in! Video credit: Clare Flynn

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