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15th Jan 2021

WATCH: Dublin restaurant shares video of their famous pasta being made and it’s mesmerising 

Sarah Finnan


Who knew watching fresh pasta being made could be so relaxing?!

A much-loved neighbourhood restaurant out in Stillorgan, Riba has worked up quite a loyal following over the years. Masters of their craft, drawing customers in with their top-notch service and tasty authentic Italian food.

Also impressing with their ability to bounce back and adapt to the times, their kitchens (and staff) have continued firing out orders throughout all of the uncertainty – keeping us all entertained on social media as they do so.

So, what’s the latest you ask? A video of their famous fresh pasta being made. If you only watch one thing today make it this… though best make sure you’ve eaten first.

“Fresh pappardelle in the making for our Ragu. It’s a therapy.”

Therapeutic to make and arguably, just as therapeutic to watch. I’ve had it on a loop for much of the day… tiding me over to dinnertime when I’ll be plating up some shop-bought (I’m good but I’m not that good) pasta of my own.

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