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01st Mar 2018

WATCH: People Are Skiing On Dublin Streets Right Now And It’s Comedy Gold


Some people think that the Irish freak out WAY too much over a few centimetres of snow. A mere dusting of the white stuff compared to what other countries get, sure, but please… Let us enjoy this. 

We’re a folk of simple pleasures and good craic. Case in point?

People in Dublin have been spotted skiing around today in a hilarious display of “I bought this expensive gear for a ski hollier during the Celtic Tiger and I can finally get some use out of it.”

There’s been sightings of snowboards in Phoenix Park and one particularly determined fella in Raheny has been making great speed on his skis…

Off he goes for his stroll in the snow on his skis… As ya do like. 

This is pure comedy gold. Iconic. 

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