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28th Feb 2018

WATCH: These Legends Built An IGLOO In Blackrock That Puts Your Snowman To Shame


Y’know how in life there’s times when you think – you think – that you’re actually doing pretty great? Today for example, we built the world’s shittest snowman. 

Aha! Who cares! We built this sculpture of ice and snow and grit with our own bare hands. A triumph for the un-handy people of the world. We were feeling pretty proud too, until we saw this… 

A goddamn IGLOO was constructed in Blackrock today. 

And it’s amazing, it seriously is. Just LOOK at those smooth ice blocks. Such skill, such dedication. 

Kinda the best part of the whole thing is that Dillon St. Paul had a part to play in building this ode to Eskimos (you probs remember him, he was on The Apprentice!). Sure Dermot Bannon himself couldn’t have done a better job than this.

Dillon lives in Blackrock and himself alongside a “small communal effort” created this absolute beauty:

We’re equal parts impressed and jealous. 

Okay. Mostly jealous. But hey… We’ve got two more whole days to get creative in that snow.

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