WATCH: Something Bizarre Was Spotted On The Loose In Dublin Today

Sorry, what?

Screen Shot 2017 09 28 At 15 15 18

We've seen some pretty bizarre things on the streets of Dublin in our time... 

But this is up there with one of the strangest for sure. 

Spotted by Tadhg Peavoy beside Charlestown Shopping Centre was this camel. 

Yes, a camel.

So many questions... so little time. 

According to Tadhg, there was a circus somewhere nearby, so maybe this camel managed to break free for a stroll. 

He/she seems happy out just chillin' and enjoying some grass. 

Screen Shot 2017 09 28 At 15 15 18
Screen Shot 2017 09 28 At 15 17 16

Pics: Tadhg Peavoy

Not something you'd see everyday in Dublin that's for sure...

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