We Could Be In For A White November With Snow Forecast For The Weekend

Bit early, no?!

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Good news for anyone dreaming of a white Christmas, bad news for people that need to get somewhere this weekend...

According to Met Éireann we should expect extremely cold conditions over the coming days, with significant frost.

Saturday will be a cold and breezy day, with some wintry showers in the north. Cloud will thicken in the west and some showery rain or sleet will develop there during the day. Afternoon temperatures of 4 or 5 degrees C in many areas, but possibly 8 or 9 degrees C on western coasts. Cold on Saturday night with frost developing and becoming sharp or severe in some midland and eastern areas as winds fall off light.

Met Éireann website

This cold snowy spell will be short-lived, however, with Met Éireann saying temperatures should begin to rise again come Tuesday of next week.

So I guess we should go searching for our hat, scarf and gloves before the weekend arrives!

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