With Water Charges Hitting Dublin Pub Starts Charging For Pints Of Tap Water


The row over the cost of water has been rumbling on for some time now and even though many refuse to pay, the reality is charges are coming. We don't know if this is related to the charges or just a cost of doing business but one hotel has started charging for glasses of tap water. Now we could go mad at them and call them out but we have to say we're on they're side this time. Ice costs money to make (electricity), staff need to bed paid, glasses cost money and now the water itself is going to cost them. A hotel is a business after all and not a charity but we know this is going to turn into a story. We've all been used to the free big pint of water with lunch for years. Could that be about to change. Expect riots on the streets of Dublin if this takes off with Irish Water staff getting lynched!


Cheers to the sheepshagger for the tip off!

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Niall Harbison

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